Friday, 3 July 2009


Our journey across Newfoundland was about 11 hours by car. We went through pouring rain, sunshine, grey clouds, back to pouring rain, was a loooong journey. The interior of the island is just green forests; pretty, but not spectacular. But the coastline is amazing. We stopped at Twilingate and saw icebergs! It was such a pretty village. Cute little white houses scattered all over the place with not much logic. We had lunch at a fish restaurant. There was nothing I wanted on the menu (they like their fish here), except a grilled cheese sandwich. But it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had! And I had mashed potato with gravy on the side! It's been a long time since I had mashed potato. It was a wonderful meal.

We got to Gros Morne at about 6.30pm in the evening. Our trip was with a small tour group, who drove us across the island, gave us a room in their house, food and excursions for four days. It turned out to be really good value and so much fun. It's just like staying with friends, very relaxed and laidback. The village we're staying in has a population of 17, and there's a shop/burger van 15 minutes walk away. We're right on the beach, it's beautiful. There's five dogs and a cat running around, lots of books and dvds, and cool people to talk to. Our first day was kayaking...

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