Friday, 3 July 2009

St. John's.

Our stay in St. John's was too short. We were staying with our second Couchsurfing host (more about Couchsurfing another time), Jenna, who was fantastic. She drove us around to some places which we wouldn't have been able to see without her. It was like staying with a friend - she took us for traditional Newfoundland food, we watched movies, had was great. We pretty much just walked around on Wednesday; looked at the memorial park, saw the harbour, went on an epic adventure to out-of-town, by accident. It was a very nice, unpretentious city. Considering they get a lot of tourists, they don't do the Banff/Niagra thing of making everything shiny. The "Irish pubs" actually ARE Irish pubs. And look at the houses! Aren't they adorable? I want to live there.

So, after a quick stay in St. John's, we continued with our Newfoundland adventure. We were collected on Thursday morning, in the pouring rain, to go on a tour to Gros Morne National Park. See the next entry...

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