Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Some Quebec City.

1.Cute houses, in a carpark.
2.One of several murals.
3.Seamus and me!
4.Natasha and Seamus, sunbathing.
5.The Frontenac at night.

We've had fun in Quebec. Yesterday we went whalewatching and had a very exciting boat ride (it was like a rollercoaster! On water!), and saw lots of whales, plus some seals (poor seals, nobody cares about them), and a fjord! It was a great day! Today was sunny, at last, so we did pretty much nothing...just had some unsatisfying poutine, drank some beer and lay in the sun.

We're going to Montreal tomorrow, and there's so much to do! It's too exciting. And next Sunday, we'll be home.

Oh, my favourite thing about Quebec is the good and wide choice of local beers, plus the Quebec way of drinking. No longer do we have to go to liquor stores...they sell alcohol everywhere! And bars let you drink in isolation, rather than in combination with food. I love that.

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Catherine said...

Seamus's hair really is long! And I love the shot where you have about 6 drinks between you. Looks like you're having a lovely time. I'm sad that your travels are coming to an end but very excited about seeing you!