Friday, 3 July 2009

A bit more Gros Morne.

We stayed in a village called Sally's Cove, population 17. There was an amazing shop down the street which sold beer, crafts and snacks. Newfoundland is unlike the rest of Canada (excluding Quebec) in that you can buy beer in stores. Most places you have to go to licensed liquor stores, which is very strange for english people who can buy alcohol in the corner shop/supermarket/anywhere (ahh, binge-drinking Britain, how I miss you). However, in Newfoundland, you can get beer in most small shops (probably because the communities are so tiny), but you have to go to liquor stores for wine and spirits. So, the shop down the street was very useful for us to buy local beer (Quidi Vidi beer, delicious!). Also, the shop had a burger van where Seamus ate moose burger and I ate Newfoundland chips (this is something I have to share with the British when I get's really unhealthy and good for hangovers, and YUMMY). Finally, the craft-part of the store sold lovely handknitted things, and I bought a new hat and it's awesome, I look so hot in it. But it's June, and the hat is woolly, so it's just one more thing to lug around right now. Unless I become TRULY Canadian and wear a wool hat all year-round. Even in my place of work. It's something to think about.

So, the adventure tour we were on was amazingly good value; $369 each for three nights accommodation, meals, transport across the island (11 hours remember!) plus guided hikes and kayaking. It was also very relaxed and friendly and fun. We went biking, swimming in the "pond" behind the house and to a karoke bar (actually, that was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I'd forgotten about it until just now, and I've started thinking about it again now, and now I can't get the image of seventy-year-olds singing 'Stand by me' followed by nineteen-year-olds singing 'I kissed a girl...'. It was like going to a wedding where everyone gets drunk and does crazy things, except we didn't know anyone else at the wedding. THAT kind of night). Anyway, we had a wonderful time, and learnt a lot about Newfoundland people and history, and it's so interesting I will probably blog about it sometime. I loved Newfoundland so much. We're already planning our next trip back here, there's this four-day hike along this mountain range, and it sounds so good...

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