Sunday, 19 July 2009


It's so hard visiting places for only two or three days. You never really get a feel for a place, and just feel like you're passing through. Nevertheless, Charlottetown has been relaxing, we've pretty much just walked around, eaten and drank. Here's a few photos. Yesterday was gloomy and depressing, which made me sad towards Charlottetown, but today was so hot and sunny, and we met up with Bodeene, had lunch at the harbour, ate ice-cream, and drank a beer on this little street overlooking a bandstand with a band full of Michael Cera lookalikes. It was beautiful. We just have the morning here tomorrow before our bus leaves at 2pm for Fredericton. As far as I know, the city is very small so it'll be some more relaxing time before we head to Quebec for our final two weeks with Natasha. Charlottetown is full of lovely souvenirs by the way, it's pretty hard to restrain myself. We've barely bought anything since we've been travelling (except for my beautiful Newfoundland winter hat) but I'm making up for it now...

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