Friday, 31 July 2009

My feet hurt.

We've walked so much in Montreal, I am exhausted! It's great though, there's so much to do here. We went to this light-and-sound show at the Notre Dame tonight, plus a museum, and Chinatown for lunch, and the market at the river. Tomorrow, we're going to Ottawa for a few days - including whitewater rafting! - then back to Montreal for a cycling adventure, an art gallery, and possibly a Martha Wainwright concert. SO EXCITING!


Montreal's cool, it's like Toronto but with grass, open space and attractive buildings. More people speak english here than Quebec so we're embarrassing ourselves less. We walked miles yesterday; to the university, the park, the plateau (a cool district with nice shops and cafes), and the waterfront. And we are starting to conclude that Quebec culture is a little different in customer service (i.e. they don't really give any). There's so many things here we want to do! It's less pretty than Quebec but much more going on. And I found "British-style" crumpets in the supermarket!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Last few Quebec photos.

Ten nights!

We're on the train from Quebec City to Montreal, our penultimate stop on our adventure. Actually, it's our ultimate stop too, since we're going to Ottawa for the weekend, then heading back to Montreal for our final trip in Canada. Can you believe ten months is nearly over? I can't wait to see my parents! And the rest of my family, and my friends. Other than that, I haven't missed home much. There's a few things about the UK I prefer to Canada (banks, mobile phones, the difficulties of long-distance travel, architecture) but I'll miss the space of Canada, and the diversity (in terms of culture, landscape, buildings, accents and chips), the countryside, the lakes, mountains, forests, the snow, the's a good country. I can't believe I'll be home next week! We can have proper roast dinners, proper cider, and watch better television (sorry, Canada). It's hard not to count down when you're nearing the end. But I'm excited about Montreal, there's so much to do there. Although, the weather looks to be rainy, just like most of our summer. I tell you, one summer I'm going to go somewhere dry. I am sick of rain. I'd rather have -20 and snow than this endless rain.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Some Quebec City.

1.Cute houses, in a carpark.
2.One of several murals.
3.Seamus and me!
4.Natasha and Seamus, sunbathing.
5.The Frontenac at night.

We've had fun in Quebec. Yesterday we went whalewatching and had a very exciting boat ride (it was like a rollercoaster! On water!), and saw lots of whales, plus some seals (poor seals, nobody cares about them), and a fjord! It was a great day! Today was sunny, at last, so we did pretty much nothing...just had some unsatisfying poutine, drank some beer and lay in the sun.

We're going to Montreal tomorrow, and there's so much to do! It's too exciting. And next Sunday, we'll be home.

Oh, my favourite thing about Quebec is the good and wide choice of local beers, plus the Quebec way of drinking. No longer do we have to go to liquor stores...they sell alcohol everywhere! And bars let you drink in isolation, rather than in combination with food. I love that.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


We are reunited with Natasha in Quebec! She's changed a bit since I last saw her. She's now a damsel with a small child, has a muffin for a face, and is a convicted solider. Life's funny like that. We just have to go with the flow.

Quebec is shitty in the weather stakes (but where isn't? Canada, you break my heart!) but is very pretty. My favourite thing is the good and varied alcohol supply. Today, we went to an interactive tour called 'The Convict's Last Drink'. Natasha was the convict, and we had to decide on her punishment. It mainly involved learning about 19th Century torture devices, and drinking local beers. My favourite kind of Sunday! Tomorrow, we're going whale-watching, hopefully. We've been buying lovely things, and hoping Montreal holds more shopping opportunities. I still haven't had Quebecois poutine, but I have had croissants.

More photos from this beautiful city later.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bye Fredericton.

After a lovely two days in Fredericton (oh, it is so good having our own room. Screw residences all the way!), we're now heading to Quebec City in yet another epic journey, which could result in disaster if the train workers strike as they are threatening to. I'm sure it'll be fine though. And Natasha will be here tomorrow! And it's going to rain the whole time she's here!

Some more Fredericton.

1.We stopped at Mexico on our way here.
2.Cultural Capital.
3.View across the river.
4.Christ Church Cathedral, which is modelled on the church in Snettisham, Norfolk.
5.An unexpected changing of the guard.

Lovely Fredericton.

1.The lighthouse, which is also an ice-cream shop.
2.The old Government House.
4.Blueberry ale.
5.Our house of residence.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Victoria Row, Charlottetown.

Things I haven't mentioned.

Since my internet supply has been substandard for the last month, I feel I've missed out on so many things to share with you. I haven't talked about the warm, funny and beautiful family we stayed with in Cape Breton. I haven't talked about our Couchsurfing/farm work experiences. I haven't talked about Tony the sheep and how she met her unfortunate end. I haven't talked about how Seamus is growing his hair "for my birthday present", and how he looks beautiful yet messy, but very much like a traveller. I haven't talked about how I woke up one morning in Port Aux Basques with no hearing in my left ear, a situation that lasted a week, and resulted in the loss of my tragus piercing. I haven't talked about all our lovely bus journeys through Maritime countryside, which is prettier than Albertan countryside. I haven't talked about the Anne of Green Gables fever all over Prince Edward Island. I haven't talked about how we're going whale-watching in Quebec, and whitewater rafting in Ottawa. I haven't talked about how we seem to be missing every significant event in every city and town by just a couple of days, something which resulted in Seamus throwing a tantrum yesterday because we miss 'Family Fun Day at the church' in Fredericton. I haven't talked about how we saw a bear in Cape Breton. I haven't talked about how eastern Canada is generally more charming than western Canada in terms of architecture. I haven't talked about how I am excited to come back to the UK so I can drink Kopparberg, Magners and Aspalls! No more Strongbow please!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


We're now in Fredericton, which is surpisingly lovely. You know when you just have a really good feeling for a place, for no concrete reason? That's how I feel about Fredericton. We're staying on the university campus, which is beautiful, and makes me want to be a student on a North American campus. We found an amazing thriftstore, the first I've really found in Canada, and we bought EVERYTHING. I have new tops, a new dress, and a beautiful/ugly (depending on if you are young and normal, or if you white cardigan. Photos tomorrow xxx

Sunday, 19 July 2009


It's so hard visiting places for only two or three days. You never really get a feel for a place, and just feel like you're passing through. Nevertheless, Charlottetown has been relaxing, we've pretty much just walked around, eaten and drank. Here's a few photos. Yesterday was gloomy and depressing, which made me sad towards Charlottetown, but today was so hot and sunny, and we met up with Bodeene, had lunch at the harbour, ate ice-cream, and drank a beer on this little street overlooking a bandstand with a band full of Michael Cera lookalikes. It was beautiful. We just have the morning here tomorrow before our bus leaves at 2pm for Fredericton. As far as I know, the city is very small so it'll be some more relaxing time before we head to Quebec for our final two weeks with Natasha. Charlottetown is full of lovely souvenirs by the way, it's pretty hard to restrain myself. We've barely bought anything since we've been travelling (except for my beautiful Newfoundland winter hat) but I'm making up for it now...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Last photos.

1.The best goats have beards.
2.Just one of many bugs. This one was in our bed.
3.In Baddeck.
4.Me and Tony (RIP)
5.Me, Alexander Graham Bell, and Mabel.


1.Highland cows.
3.The farm.
4.Me and Jessie.
5.More Cabot Trail.


1.Seamus drinking on the beach.
2.Me at the beach.
3.Acadian lighthouse.
4.On the Cabot Trail.
5.An unexpected bear sighting.