Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ten nights!

We're on the train from Quebec City to Montreal, our penultimate stop on our adventure. Actually, it's our ultimate stop too, since we're going to Ottawa for the weekend, then heading back to Montreal for our final trip in Canada. Can you believe ten months is nearly over? I can't wait to see my parents! And the rest of my family, and my friends. Other than that, I haven't missed home much. There's a few things about the UK I prefer to Canada (banks, mobile phones, the difficulties of long-distance travel, architecture) but I'll miss the space of Canada, and the diversity (in terms of culture, landscape, buildings, accents and chips), the countryside, the lakes, mountains, forests, the snow, the's a good country. I can't believe I'll be home next week! We can have proper roast dinners, proper cider, and watch better television (sorry, Canada). It's hard not to count down when you're nearing the end. But I'm excited about Montreal, there's so much to do there. Although, the weather looks to be rainy, just like most of our summer. I tell you, one summer I'm going to go somewhere dry. I am sick of rain. I'd rather have -20 and snow than this endless rain.

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