Sunday, 26 July 2009


We are reunited with Natasha in Quebec! She's changed a bit since I last saw her. She's now a damsel with a small child, has a muffin for a face, and is a convicted solider. Life's funny like that. We just have to go with the flow.

Quebec is shitty in the weather stakes (but where isn't? Canada, you break my heart!) but is very pretty. My favourite thing is the good and varied alcohol supply. Today, we went to an interactive tour called 'The Convict's Last Drink'. Natasha was the convict, and we had to decide on her punishment. It mainly involved learning about 19th Century torture devices, and drinking local beers. My favourite kind of Sunday! Tomorrow, we're going whale-watching, hopefully. We've been buying lovely things, and hoping Montreal holds more shopping opportunities. I still haven't had Quebecois poutine, but I have had croissants.

More photos from this beautiful city later.

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Anonymous said...

My hasn't Natasha grown since we last met? And Katy - cutting off your legs was a bit drastic - they were only bites!