Monday, 15 June 2009

Some photos from Algonquin Park.

1)Our fire - structural genius.
2)Our group.
3)Seamus and me at the Lookout.
4)Drinking vodka on top of the fire tower. Please note - this is illegal.
5)A moose and her calf.

What a wonderful weekend! We had a great group - three english people, a russian, an irish, a dutch, an austrian, a libyan and a japanese (he took a lot of photos). Our guide was the best we've had on one of these trips - very relaxed and friendly. We did some nice hikes, and canoed to a waterfall to swim. Seamus slid down the waterfall in an inner tube, it was pretty high and a bit scary. No photos, unfortunately. The swimming was amazing anyway, it was so refreshing. We made campfires and cooked marshmallows, sang songs round the fire, had a barbeque, watched the Stanley Cup final and played frisbee. A very good weekend for a birthday.

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Randy M. - Algonquin Outfitters said...

OMG that fire you build it truly the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Let me guess, you live in a really tall apartment building in a city somewhere.. lol. Looks like you had fun though, and you saw some moose too. Cool.
- Randy