Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rainy Nova Scotia.

Look! It's almost like we're in the UK! Seamus is wearing a raincoat! It's pouring with rain even though it's the first day of summer! We're in a fort! Seamus is firing canons!

We are, in fact, in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, and the entire Maritime provinces. It is rainy and miserable, which is sad because this city seems like such a summery place. We are staying in this amazing neighbourhood, with coloured houses. I'll try to take some photos tomorrow, because it's so cute. We went to the citadel, the waterfront, and took a ferry to a pub in Dartmouth. A ferry to the pub! We don't have that at home!

Also, I think people have hybrid accents here, like British/Irish-Canadian combos. I will explore this more tomorrow, if I can actually find any people (the fact that it was a rainy sunday meant there Halifax looked like a ghost town. Also, shopping on sundays was illegal until 2006, so I think it's still not common to shop on sundays).

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