Saturday, 20 June 2009

People in hostels.

You meet some funny people in hostels. The other day, a girl had peas for dinner. Like, peas from a can. Cold. On a plate. By themselves. It seems the portion was too big for her though; she had a couple of mouthfuls, then finished.

Right now, there's a big group of scenester girls here. About six or eight of them, dressed in ballgowns, covered in tattoos. I guess it's fair enough in Toronto. It would have been weird in Jasper. They just don't look the hostel type. And I've never seen girls in their twenties so clone-like. Don't people normally grow out of dressing the same at about fifteen? They all have the same tattoos, in the same places.

There's a couple in this hostel who were in the same hostel as us in Jasper. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Actually, they're probably quite high, given that Jasper and Toronto are very well-travelled places for backpackers. But's weird.

We've been in this room for 11 days, with two days in the middle in Algonquin. And our roomates keep moving out, but staying in the hostel. We've started to think we smell, or snore. I keep telling myself they're just moving into rooms with their friends, but it's suspicious. They're dropping like flies.

In some hostels, people sit all day on their laptops, and go drinking at night. I think these are jobseekers, otherwise, why would you go halfway across the world to write on facebook?

Then, why would you go halfway across the world to write in a blog which nobody reads...?


Catherine said...

Hey, I read your blog! Like, all your posts. I especially enjoy your photos. xx

Meike said...

I read your blog, too!!! Acutally, I check it nearly every day! Hope your legs are better soon! xxx

Vanessa said...

hei, me too!!!! I love it! :)