Friday, 19 June 2009

Bye Toronto.

Tomorrow we're flying to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where it is due to rain for the entire time we're there. I hate the rain. Toronto has been HOT, too hot, for most of our time here. I've liked it here more than I thought I would. Yesterday we went to the university, which is beautiful, and I have been told there are some nice parks around too. The trouble is, if you have no money, Toronto is pointless. There's great shops, cafes, museums, galleries and bars, but nowhere nice to hang out in the sunshine. Except those elusive parks. There are some cool neighbourhoods to walk around, like Kensington, but there's only so long you can walk on polluted, busy streets. I just want to sit in a park for a while, but I can't find any. I can't even find any tiny patches of grass. The only city I can liken Toronto to is London, and London has a lovely riverside, and great parks. Until I find this in Toronto, I can't see what all the fuss is about.

But, the different neighbourhoods are really nice, and there are good shops. And there's lots to do. So, I don't dislike it here at all, it's just...not as good a city as Vancouver. West beats east anyday!

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