Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I love Newfoundland!

This is in and around St John's, Newfoundland. Isn't it fantastic? I love it here. For those who don't know; Newfoundland is an island off the east coast of Canada, where lots of British and Irish settled when they first found Canada. As a result, people have these crazy accents, they're more Irish than Canadian. There's lots of Irish/British pubs, that are genuinely Irish/British and not just what Canadians want Irish/British pubs to be like. St. John's is a fishing town, with these amazing coloured row houses. There's been this really heavy fog sitting over the sea since we got here, but it's kind of romantic and mystical.

Weird, you go halfway across the world, and end up in a town that looks like half the places in England. Ooh, but there's icebergs here!

By the way, Seamus and I look kind of hot in that photo above, don't we? Like we're modelling the latest winter jackets from The North Face.


Vanessa said...

You two always look beautiful! :)I like the pictures from Newfoundland, the atmosphere is amazing, just because of the fog, really cool. We are having first days of summer here in Essen... Meike and me did a bicycle tour yesterday. That was exciting :)xxx

Meike said...

Uh - that bike tour was so exhausting with all the hills. But we came across lovely places we can show to people visiting us in Essen ;) And yes! You're looking beautiful in that photo! xxx