Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Niagra Falls.

Yesterday we did The Most Touristy Thing Ever and went to Niagra Falls. Man, that place is a tourist trap. Yesterday was insanely hot and humid (again) and we had a bad start to the day and were nearly late, and forgot sunglasses and suncream. I blame Seamus for all of this. ANYWAY, we used Moose Travel once again, because the Greyhound costs pretty much the same amount, and Moose also take you to a winery and Niagra-on-the-lake.

The winery was cool. We tasted some wines, and learnt some stuff about wine-making. We tried ice wine for the first time - it's made in winter from the frozen sap in grapes, and it's DELICIOUS. It tastes like really yummy cough syrup. You're on only meant to drink tiny amounts, for dessert, but I know I'd drink tons if I could. And that would be some sugary vomit.

After that, we went to Niagra-on-the-lake, which is pretty much the Canadian version of Southwold. It's perfect-looking, and very cute. It looks like the town Gilmore Girls was filmed in. We bought some lunch (as advised by our driver, because Niagra itself is really overpriced) and took some photos, before moving onto Niagra Falls.

I'm kind of upset by the Canadians letting Niagra Falls get so disgusting. And yet, I'm pretty jubilant that they got the "good" side of the Falls, whilst the US totally lost out (from the States-side, you can barely even see the Falls, you can just...hear them). But really, the town is gross, like Disneyworld or Vegas. See photo above for evidence. Obviously the Falls themselves are amazing, but the town is horrible. We did pay to go on the Maid of the Mist boat ride, but it was pretty cool. The boat goes ride up against the Falls, and everyone gets soaking but it was weirdly exhilarating and funny. After that, we took some photos, then lay in a park and dried off.

Aside from this, doesn't Seamus look hot and brooding in the photo above? Except, you'll have to click on the photo itself to see Seamus. Because blogspot is stupid.

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