Friday, 19 June 2009

A bad dining experience in Canada.

Yesterday, I had my first bad meal in Canada. We've had the odd dodgy server, and sometimes there's not that much choice for vegetarians, but I am generally very easily pleased. I like food, I'm not that fussy, and I love eating out.

Yesterday we went to an irish pub, usually a safe bet in terms of food and drink. I ordered a veggie wrap (yum, goat's cheese!) and a Strongbow (see previous post). When my cider came, it was flat. It's not meant to be flat. When my food came, there was no goat's cheese. Just lettuce, in a wrap, with a sauce that tasted like vinegar. And chips that tasted like salt.

I didn't like the server. He was crap.

Server: How's everything over here?
Me: My cider's flat.
Server: Cider's meant to be flat.
Me: it's not.
Server: Yes it is. You're getting it mixed up with beer. Beer has fizz, cider is flat.
Me: No. Believe me, I've drunk a lot of cider, and a lot of Strongbow. It's not meant to be flat.
Server: Well, I can get you another pint, but that will taste the same.
Me: No thank you. And, this wrap is meant to have goat's cheese in.
Server: No, it's not.
Me: Yes, it is. Look at the menu.
Server: Ok, but it's not meant to have goat's cheese.
[server spends about five minutes staring blindly at menu, whilst I guide him to the correct place)
Server: ...oh. Our old wrap didn't have goat's cheese in. Ok, I'll go and check with the kitchen.
[leaves and returns a minute later]
Server: Ok they didn't tell me they'd run out of goat's cheese. I'll take the cost of your drink off the bill.
[walks off before I have time to respond]
[I whine to Seamus for several minutes]
[server returns]
Server: Ok, I know you didn't like your meal, so I'm just charging you for his meal and drink.
[drops bill on table and walks off, never returning to take our plates]

Most service in Canada is very good, if a little lacking in personality. This was awful! He didn't ask if I wanted to eat something else instead, or if we wanted another (different) drink. Or apologise. Or smile. I am not fussy, or a bitch. I never complain about anything, normally. Thank god he didn't charge me. It was obvious he just wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible.

After this, we went to a cheesecake cafe and I made myself a bit sick with cheesecake.

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