Monday, 15 June 2009

25 in Algonquin Park.

Back from a busy and wonderful weekend in Algonquin Park. My birthday was secret. We were staying in the forest, with no internet, so on Saturday, I received one phone call (thanks Vikki and Lu, you're the best) and one text (thank you my birthday twin!). Lots of emails and facebook messages on my return though, thanks. Bad year for gifts and cards though; I got one card, from my parents (the first of my life my dad didn't sign...what happened?) and one gift, from Seamus (a necklace and earrings, but he gave them to me a few weeks ago). But it was a lovely day filled with canoeing, swimming in the lake, hiking, eating, drinking, campfires and fun. Unfortunately, my most prominent gift from the weekend is insect bites. I have over sixty, some are black fly bites (yucky bleeding wounds which luckily don't hurt or itch) and others are mosquito bites. I got over sixty, Seamus got....two. I'm delicious, it seems. We always knew I am susceptible to bites, and also that I swell. So I am swollen and sore, and STILL have a cold. I am feeling pretty crappy, overall.

Photos later, anyway! Oh and we bought shares in the Mountain Equipment Coop...that was pretty exciting! More about that another time.

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Randy M. - Algonquin Outfitters said...

Well I hope Algonquin Park wished you a very happy birthday while you were here, in much more enjoyable ways then bug attacks. The bug season (blackflys) should be over soon, so I hope you get to return when the bugs are a little less blood thirsty.
I've spent many a birthday in Algonquin Park, it's my favorite place to be, unfortunately my birthday's in April so the lakes are still frozen and there's still lots of snow on the ground.
Hope to see you guys back to the park soon. From Aug to early Nov is a wonderful time to visit, or even winter when there are NO bugs.. lol.
Check out our new website for Algonquin Park, that we just launched last week.