Monday, 1 June 2009

Bye Rockies.

It's a shame that the last place we're staying in western Canada is Banff since we don't like it very much (whilst we've LOVED everywhere else we've been). It's a weird town. Of course, the mountains are amazing, and it's pretty here, but really, it feels like Disneyworld or some Barbie town. It's just one big resort, aimed at tourists, and tourists with money at that. It's too big, and there's no animals for miles, and no community. It's so PERFECT looking, but not in a good way. Give me Jasper or Waterton anyday. We went to a few pubs last night with some other people, and they were rammed full of Australian/British 18-year-olds getting drunk, and trying to have sex with anything they could find. It was like Freshers' Week, but without the semi-aim of education. Everyone was drunk and rude and embarrassing, and beer cost $7.50 (nearly £4). I just have mixed feelings about it here, because it's beautiful, but just feels a bit unreal.

Another thing about Jasper and Banff is how full they are with RVs. I've never seen so many in my life! The streets are packed with elderly British tourists looking for the gondola and hot springs. There are more RVs than people, unlike Waterton, where there are more deer than people. I am so glad we didn't choose Banff to work in. I love Waterton's close-knit community, and wildlife everywhere, and everything's in walking distance, and there are....fewer tacky gift shops. And I truly think it's more beautiful. Look at that photo of me, at the top of Tunnel Mountain in Banff. It's the most popular hike in Banff, because it's short and easy, and has a good view, but it's nothing compared to the views from Bear's Hump in Waterton.

Anyway, we went for a good walk today, and had a final Rockies meal in an english pub (the chips were terrible). Seamus was overjoyed with the size of his steak and kidney pie though.

Tonight we're taking an epic journey from Banff to Chicago. We leave Banff at 7.30pm tonight (Monday), and are due to arrive in Chicago at 10.40pm Tuesday (although Seamus' uncle says the trains often run five hours late...). First we take a shuttle bus from Banff to Calgary Airport (yay, my least favourite Canadian place!), then fly to London, Ontario. After that, we get a bus from London to Detroit, then finally a train to Chicago. This is less than half of what it would've cost to fly directly from Calgary to Chicago, but it's not going to be much fun.

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