Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A bit more Halifax.

1)Changing of the guards.
2)The first protestant church in Canada.
3)The clock tower.
4)Concentrating hard on steering my tug boat at the Maratime Museum of the Atlantic.
5)Our beer samplers at Henry House pub!

Monday was a good day in Halifax. We went to the University, the public gardens, a good museum, and a really nice pub. It was still grey and rainy but we manned it up and had fun. I don't think we were in Halifax long enough to get acquainted with the downtown area, but I liked the waterfront, and all the open space felt so good after Toronto. We were hosted by a lovely couple, Doug and Deb, in their beautiful house downtown, and it was so nice to be out of a hostel, and having real conversations with people who live in Halifax, and thus can point you the right way in things to do. They were awesome. We had these beer samplers at the pub, and I feel this blog should've been steered in a more alcohol-fuelled manner. Like, 'my journeys across Canada drinking all they have to offer' or something. The pub was an english pub, and the beer sampler was six small glasses of beer offered by the Granite Brewery. Then we tried some special blends - Seamus has Black & Velvet (Strongbow and stout) and I had a lager with lime cordial. It was good. And we had huge and delicious burgers. I think I am getting fat, eating out all the time.

Anyway, although our time in Halifax was too short, we'll be back in Nova Scotia in a few days. For now, we're in St John's, Newfoundland, which is BEAUTIFUL (if a bit like west country, England). I have lots of beautiful photos already - I'll upload some later.


Deb said...

thanks for your kind comments! glad you had a great time. sorry i didn't get to send you guys off and say good bye. thank you VERY much for the gift. i'm looking forward to trying that coffee. NFLD looks beautiful, maybe we will make it there this year.... take care, safe journeys. p.s. do you still have our umbrella? :-)

Deb said...

oops! i found the umbrella... pretty much where it should be. :) thank you!!