Friday, 24 April 2009

No more Box 178.

We are leaving Waterton in NINE DAYS. Five more days of work, four more days of relaxing. For this reason, please do not use the Box 178 address! I will close this PO Box next week. No more post and chocolatey gifts for us :(

If you do have any reason to send us stuff, we will be staying with Seamus' family for a week at the beginning of June. I can give you their address if you need it. And yes, mum, the address is correct. North American addresses are crazy short. And boring. I have to ask people their addresses about fifty times a day when they call the hotel to make reservations. This is a typical Canadian address:

14, 182 17th St West
Calgary, Alberta
T1M 2J0

How boring is that? I wouldn't want my street to be a NUMBER. That can never be a point of conversation, can it? Like, some British street names are really cute, or mean something historically/geographically. Can you imagine a conversation about living on 17th street? "Ah cool...that's...right next to 16th Street..."? Some people LOVE grid systems. I hate them. I like windy roads, and non-grids make much more sense to my apparently chaotic mind. Do you think this is a legitimate reason not to move to Canada?


Jesse A said...

haha, well when you go travel out east you will be happy to see that the streets all have names and not numbers and that the names will change half-hazardly at various intersections.
Aren't you loving this beautiful spring weather btw? Nothing like a winter storm warning at the end of April......

Catherine said...

As Vikki and I can tell you, grid systems are hazardous. You'd think it'd be impossible to get lost because it's a grid and everything is in order, but sometimes you can get in the map the wrong way round and end up going in totally the wrong direction.. Or maybe that's just me?