Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Great Travelling Plan of 2009.

So, after weeks of research and planning and me throwing tantrums, we have a travelling plan! We've already booked the three flights involved, and scheduled ourselves in for two farm "holidays", so it can't really be changed anymore. Thank goodness. Here it is:

May 3rd - Waterton to Nelson ("working holiday", staying on an organic farm for free, whilst helping with farm tasks)
May 21st - Nelson to Waterton (the bus goes through Waterton anyway, so we figured we'd stop by for a few days of summer hiking and relaxing)
May 26th - Waterton to Banff
May 28th - Banff to Jasper (a tour with Moose Travel for a few days, the journey goes up the Icefields Parkway, which is meant to be one of the world's most beautiful drives)
May 31st - Jasper to Banff
June 1st - Banff to London, Ontario (where we'll travel by train and bus to Chicago, because it works out as $400 rather than the $800+ of flying into Chicago. We can stay with Seamus' relatives in Chicago)
June 9th - Chicago to Toronto (another long bus ride...)
June 12th - Toronto to Algonquin Park (another tour with Moose Travel, so I'll be camping in the woods for my 25th birthday!)
June 14th - Algonquin Park to Toronto (another few days in Toronto, during which we'll also go to Niagra Falls)
June 20th - Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia (On a PLANE, this time)
June 23rd - Halifax to St. John's, Newfoundland (another plane)
June 26th - St John's to Deer Lake (where we'll hire a car...)
June 27th - Deer Lake to Gros Morne National Park (we are desperate to go there, purely because we saw a really nice photo of it....)
June 29th - Deer Lake to Port Aux Basque (spend a night while we wait for...)
June 30th - Port Aux Basque to North Sydney, Nova Scotia (on a ferry! we'll then get a bus to Baddeck, the second of our farm hosts)
July 17th - Baddeck to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (I've heard it's beautiful)
July 20th - Charlottetown to Fredericton, New Brunswick (we are going almost entirely because Seamus likes the word 'Fredericton')
July 22nd - Fredericton to Quebec City (on an overnight train....it's a long way...I am so excited about seeing Quebec!)
July 28th - Quebec City to Montreal
August 1st - Montreal to Ottawa
August 4th - Ottawa to Montreal (for our final few days in Canada!)
August 8th - Montreal to London Heathrow :( (back to a world where it rains a lot, and we have to be careful with money, and I don't have ANY deer in my back garden)

I would like to have a map of Canada here, with lines and arrows showing where we're going but I'm not clever enough. You get the idea, anyway. We are going to SO MANY PLACES. I think we're going to be exhausted. But we'll see so many things! (7 provinces in three months, plus a US state). It's going to be so amazing.

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