Sunday, 5 April 2009

Customer service.

Lately, we've had a succession of guests in the hotel who've been very unhappy because "there's nothing to do in Waterton". The complaints often relate to the limited satellite television we have here, the fact that all the shops are closed, and it's winter so it's cold outside. IN WHAT WORLD DO THEY THINK WE CONTROL THE WEATHER?? Why would people come on holiday to a national park in the winter and expect to watch television and go shopping? And why would you go on holiday somewhere without doing your research first? Every guidebook and internet search in the world would tell you that a)Waterton has very few amenities and b)THAT'S WHY PEOPLE LIKE IT. It's a place for hiking and skiing and generally being outdoors. Not for shopping. Stay in Calgary if you want to go shopping.

There's no reasoning with these people!

Also, as a tip for the world, as customers:
*Don't complain AFTER you've paid for a service. What do you expect to get out of it at that point? If you're really unhappy about something, complain as soon as you can! They'll try and help! After you've paid (or eaten your meal, or stayed in your hotel room), there's nothing they can do except say sorry. And if you're complaining about the weather, or the fact that you don't have enough imagination to entertain yourselves, don't expect to get much out of it. You'll just cause an otherwise chirpy and optimistic girl to becomed jaded and bitter.

I will never work in tourism after this, please.

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