Friday, 17 April 2009

Another walk, another sunny day.

Yesterday we went on an exploration. Look at me, clambering over a tree! We saw some new wildlife, and Seamus skimmed stones (I took photos of him skimming stones, and put my hands in the icy lake then shrieked). And look at the photo of the mountains reflected in the lake! The lakes are melting, which is pretty exciting (clearly, our lives are a little boring) and Seamus and Al are going to do a polar bear dip tomorrow. Maybe. Everything is Waterton looks a bit ugly right now, because the snow's melting, highlighting the grey grass/trees/WORLD. Clearly, that one raining episode this week was not enough.

We leave in 16 days! Can you believe that? Six months is a very, very long time in the Waterton winter.

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