Friday, 17 April 2009

Moonlight drinking.

It was full moon again the other day, so this time we went down to the lake and drank some brandy. Well...I didn't. I drank a beer. Alex, Al and Seamus are all brandy drinkers and every time we hang out, they end up drinking brandy in a classy and grown-up manner, whilst I swig beer from the bottle. I tried to like brandy, I really did, but it just felt like I'd lit my mouth on my fire. Why would anyone do that?

Of course, drinking in public in Canada is illegal, but this time, I stand by the usual excuse people use in Waterton to justify criminal activity ("but there's no RCMP in Waterton in winter anyway, so we may as well..."). Unfortunately, people also use this excuse when they drink-drive or speed here. Apparently getting caught is the worst potential outcome of drink-driving.

Drinking in public is totally ok though. To be honest, I feel a little like my civil rights are being violated by the law restricting drinking in public. What about summer....? There are also pretty much no beer gardens here. It's heartbreaking. Canadians must either a)drink indoors in the summer b)not drink in the summer. Hmm.

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