Thursday, 30 April 2009


WE ARE DONE! I am so happy! The last few days at work were pretty crappy, for one reason or another. Finishing was so good. I finished at 3pm, and Seamus was working until 4.30pm, so I had a martini the second I finished...alone. Then we went back to the Resort for the evening for a lot of drinking, and talking, and some pool. I got a bit drunk...but it was fun. The weather's warm and sunny again, so we have a nice few days ahead of us before we leave for Nelson.

I am so proud, we managed six months in this place! We are heroes. I love Waterton but I'm so glad to be leaving.

(We're watching the hockey (go Canucks!) and it just occurred to me what an awful song 'Oh Canada' is. It has NO TUNE.)

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Anonymous said...

never seen seamus with a hover in my life! great pic, on this evidence he'll undoubtedly make a great house husband