Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Shell Waterton Project.

For the last few years, Waterton's had a lot of Shell employees staying in the hotels and eating in the restaurants. Shell have an ongoing project just outside of the park, of which I don't really understand because none of the workers will tell me. When I ask what they do at the project, they generally mutter things about "hell" and "struggles", and I know it has something to do with oil, but that's about all I could tell you.

One of the leaders of the project, Mr Simms, ate and drank in the Kilmorey every night, and ended up being a good friend. He taught me about ways to be a better server, bar tricks, engineering ceremonies, and Alberta liquor laws. He was part of the (now dissolved) Waterton Government. And just before we left, he held a big party for the end of the Shell Waterton Project. Seamus and I went along, ate, drank and I won a Shell hoody (size XXL) in the raffle. I never win in raffles! I am one of life's winners. It was a good party.

So, because I have neglected to tell you about my friend Mr Simms, here's a few photos from the Shell party. The people are (top photo, left to right): Alex, Tiff, Mr Simms, Claudia and myself. Alex is my best friend in Waterton, she's Slovakian and we like to talk about love and relationships. Tiff is my Front Desk co-worker, the only other member of staff that was on the Front Desk for the whole period that I was. Claudia is my wonderful, wonderful boss. She's from Essen, Germany, and the kindest, most amazing boss of all time. She looked after Seamus and me so well. When we left, she gave us thermos cups for our tea and some other gifts. She also had a hoody made for me with my name and 'Kilmorey Lodge' on it. We also had hoodies made for members of the Waterton Government. This meant I gained three jumpers during my time in Waterton, which is why I have spent several hundred dollars in the last few weeks, posting surplus clothes back home.

Thanks for the emails etc I received about my dog. It's made me a bit homesick, the first time I've been homesick the entire seven months I've been in Canada. Both my cat and dog have died whilst I've been away. I think this is the sign I have finally reached adulthood; my childhood pets have all died. However, I wasn't acting very adult yesterday (I cried whilst weeding the vegetable patch, then wiped my face with muddy was a disaster). But today, I feel much more adult. Still a bit sad though.

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