Thursday, 21 May 2009

The longest free ferry ride in the world.

Our last full day in Nelson was rainy but nice. We took "the longest free ferry ride in the world", which is always something I wanted to achieve (along with seeing "the oldest rock formation in the Rockies", "the most photographed tree in Canada" and "the most photographed hotel in North America"). It's cool to have dreams, you know. Anyway, the ferry is basically a commuter ferry that goes across Kootenay Lake. We arrived there with an hour before the next ferry, so went to a really nice pub whilst we waited, then we arrived back to the dock an hour before our bus back into town, so spent another hour in the pub. It pretty much turned into a day of drinking. I took a lot of photos, but they're all cloudy, because that was all the day held for us. Heavy rain, and grey cloud. Still, it was pretty cool, and I like free stuff. We stayed at a really good hostel the night before we left Nelson, maybe I should do some kind of hostel/hotel rating on this blog at some point. Maybe some point like tonight, when Seamus has gone to bed, and I am bored.

Anyway, on Wednesday, we woke up very early, and took an eight hour bus ride back into Alberta, and now we' Waterton. Yeah, travelling is full of new things. I think when we decided to come back to Waterton for a few days, we thought we might miss it, or that we might be missing out on some amazing summer fun. Well, we weren't, but it's nice to be back, especially since we're not working. So far, we've drunk a lot, and today we cycled to Red Rock Canyon and back (about 35km total). My hands got sunburnt. It was beautiful though, and we saw bears! My first bears! It's good to see everyone, but really, I didn't miss this PLACE at all. It's good to be on holiday, though. I'll post some Waterton photos's all GREEN here now, no snow! Such a change in two weeks.

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