Friday, 8 May 2009

The farm in Nelson.

There's lots to say about our life right now, but not much internet time. For the last few days, I've been weeding, washing windows, cleaning cars, cleaning houses, washing up, cooking, raking, babysitting, and doing physio with a four-year-old. It's really interesting living with this family, because they are so unlike any family I know. We have probably eaten better this week than in the rest of our lives. We're also getting plenty of sleep, not drinking alcohol, not watching television, and going for lots of walks. My insides must be dancing with all the goodness. It's a beautiful day, and Nelson is still AMAZING. I love it here, and feel so comfortable. I would rather live here than Waterton (especially since Waterton continues to be a gong show in our absence...). It's such a cool city, with under 10,000 people, so perfect for me. There's plenty to do, beautiful scenery, lots of hiking, and everything is organic. That's everything I want from a place! I think Seamus likes it too, although he may need some convincing that this is the place we should move to.

Anyway, I must go now, I have some pictures to draw with the kids. Oh, by the way, cute as these kids are, I am fairly certain I cannot work with children. Or have children. Or be near children for extended periods of time. Sorry, mum.

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