Friday, 22 May 2009

Cycling to Red Rock Canyon.

Yesterday, Seamus and I borrowed bikes and cycled to Red Rock Canyon, which was closed the entire time we were in Waterton. It was about 35kms there and back, and a beautiful day, and everything was green (except the rock, which We saw bald eagles, chipmunks, ground squirrels, deer, big-horned sheep and....BEARS! My first bears. You can barely make them out in the photo, there, but they are definitely bears, a mum and two cubs.

We spent the evening hanging out with friends, and it is really nice to be back and know it is only for a couple of days. Our final payslips were wrong, of course (not enough bonus and no housing deposit returned) so it's good we're here to fight for that back. Seamus is at the gym, then we'll go for breakfast and a hike. I love being on holiday!

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Catherine said...

You saw bears!! That is amazing! xx