Thursday, 14 May 2009

Living with children.

The family we're staying with have two kids, aged four and two. I'd forgotten how much hard work kids of those ages can be. Let's call them Bill and Bob. Bill is very clever, he taught himself to read when he was two, and is obsessed with astronomy. He reads, draws and writes endlessly. Bob is two, and when we first got here, we thought he was an angel. All he did was smile at everyone. Now he's lost his shyness and we see the truth. For some reason, he refers to both Seamus and me as 'Seamus'. I don't know if he genuinely believes we're both called Seamus, or if he thinks 'Seamus' is a collective term for helpers/guests. Anyway, conversations can be confusing:

[Seamus is washing up in the kitchen. Bob enters]
Bob: Hi!
Seamus: Hi.
Bob: Where's Seamus?
Seamus: ....I'm Seamus.
Bob: No, the other Seamus.
Seamus: What other Seamus?
Bob: DIFFERENT Seamus.
Seamus: You mean Katy?
Bob: Yes, the different Seamus.

This happens approximately thirty times a day.

Right now, Bill is crying because he needs a star on his ceiling before he can sleep. Seamus is quite a good parent figure. I think he could work out well as a husband. Lots of patience. Unlike me. I feel....tense.

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