Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Golfing with bears.

On our last night in Waterton, we went up to the golf course. The boys played a round ($11 on staff night! Isn't that amazing?) and afterwards, we had dinner in the club house. Apparently it's not a great course in terms of quality of playing (but I don't care about that, since my job was to drive the cart and take the flag thing out of the holes) but it's a pretty nice view, isn't it? Not that you can really get bad views in Waterton. We came across a huge bear on the course. Look at him! That's eight bears in five days. I've had my fill now, though, I don't mind if I never see another bear in my life. I'm almost becoming complacent now, in manner of the deer (we have more deer on the streets of Waterton than cars or humans). No more bears, please and thank you.

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Vanessa said...

The bears are so cool, but isn't it a bit scary as well? They look so nice and calm though in the pictures... I wish you two great travlling, just wanted to let you know that I'm still following your blog and I love it! More later in my mail that I wanted to send you for ages... xxx