Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter in Waterton.

The winter is here! We have had about a foot of snow, and a few days of really cold temperatures. They only plough the main street of Waterton, so walking around town can be tricky. I've fallen a few times. Today, another chinook is on its way (see my post of the other day...), so the temperature has risen to about -6, but is coupled with winds that make it feel much colder. And SNOWDRIFTS. Well, we didn't have those in Finland. The winds are so strong they blow all the snow into heaps, so we had to climb through knee-deep snow to get to our apartment after work, and snow is being blown against our window (and we're on the second floor).
But the snow makes everything looks so pretty, and Christmassy. But I am sad because the deer look sad.

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