Saturday, 27 December 2008

Some more Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, a couple of the chefs at the hotel cooked us a lovely meal. Here are some differences between the Canadian and British Christmas meals:
1)Canadian Christmas meal is later in the day (dinner time rather than lunch time).
2)No roast potatoes.
3)Bread rolls for no real reason?
4)Pumpkin pie rather than Christmas pudding.
5)No brussel sprouts (=happy Seamus, sad Katy).

Despite these, the dinner was amazing, and the chefs made me non-turkied stuffing, and we had lovely Christmas decorations (see the photo) and mulled wine and the best cheesecake I've ever eaten. And yams! Yams are mashed sweet potatoes (the chef said they also put marshmallows in the mash, but I'm not sure if he was lying). It was good.

On Christmas day, Seamus and I were lazy. We had a very white Christmas (of which I have no photographic evidence but I'm sure you'll trust me), with lots of snow falling all day. We opened our presents in the morning, then watched tv, I phoned my family and...not much else. In the evening, we went over to Al's for another turkey dinner with some Waterton locals. We saw a fox! And were give huge amounts of leftovers (because every Christmas needs turkey sandwiches for the following fortnight).
My favourite Christmas present was Marmite (one jar from my Mum and one from Catherine) although I also enjoyed all the socks (when you live in Canada, extra socks are always welcome) and chocolate/fudge (British chocolate > North American chocolate). I can't believe Christmas is over already. We went back to work on Boxing Day, and it's been incredibly busy in the hotel. All signs of Christmas have disappeared, apart from the fact that our fridge is so well-stocked. And it's nearly 2009...

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