Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The most beautiful day in the world.

Yesterday was our day off, and it was beautiful. -33 but clear blue skies and sunshine. It snowed again on Friday night, so everything is covered in fresh snow. We had a perfect day. We went for breakfast at the Glacier Suites (the "other" hotel open in Waterton), then walked up Bear's Hump. There was lots of snow on the trail - it would have been easier with snowshoes - but it was a good walk. When we were walking, it wasn't too cold - we'd wrapped up well, and there was no wind. But my hair and scarf froze from the moisture in my breath. The views up from the mountain were even better than usual. Where the freezing air meets the slightly-warmer lake, you get this mass of steam rising up from the water. You can see this a bit in the photos, but it's nowhere near as amazing as it actually was. It was so still and quiet, with all this untouched snow over the village...it was so cool. After we walked back, we went for a hot toddy in the Kilmorey, then came home and watched films and drank red wine. I cooked a roast, and we finished the chocolate fudge cake. It was the best day off ever. I've never seen anything as beautiful as all that steam over the lake. I will post some more photos of yesterday later.

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