Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cameron Falls across the seasons.

October 31st.
December 2nd.
December 15th.
Ok, so we've only been here six weeks. But in that time, the weather's gone from shorts-and-tshirts warmth to the coldest-weather-I-have-ever-known (and I've crossed the arctic circle). We have some waterfalls right in the village, and the photos above show how they've changed since we've been here. Despite how cold it is now, they've still not completely frozen. I don't know if they ever will, because of the movement of the water. The lake seems less frozen today, which I guess is because it's been really windy. But we'll see - the temperatures aren't going to let up any time soon, and we're due more snow tonight, and for the next few days. Oh, and the building's heating is broken. No hot water either. My hands are icy cold as I type this, and I'm sitting underneath two duvets. It's making me think of Titanic (obviously, if only one of us can live, it'll be me. Sorry Seamus).

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Anonymous said...

They sure are lovely photos. It has been fine here today - no snow or steam but it was dry with some blue bits in the sky so a pleasant day not to be out earning a living. Drove Dad to The Racehorse for lunch and came home and pottered. Dad has gone to the Sotterley Chapel carols but I decided it was not THAT lovely to be outside the chapel singing in the dark. xx