Saturday, 20 December 2008

Snowdrifts and Christmas.

This is the building we live in. They just put up those wood panels because last year so much snow was blown against the ground floor windows that they smashed. Now the snow just blows towards the wood. Since I took this photo, this snowdrift has got bigger, it's about the same height as me now. The road round the corner from us always seems to get a huge drift along one side too. The snowploughs clear the roads, but the sidewalks and grass have a couple of feet of snow. I have to wear my ski pants even to walk to work, because I just sink in all the snow. The temperatures are still in the -20s, but the day was beautiful again. I love it.

Work is really busy at the moment, because of the Christmas rush. It's been a little chaotic too, with burst pipes causing leaks and broken hearters causing....freezing temperatures. Today we have a wedding in the hotel, plus a corporate Christmas party. Seamus worked all day and now has gone back to work the evening too. We work tomorrow, then have four days off. I can't believe Christmas is here, I don't feel Christmassy at all (despite the snow). I think what I need is...mulled wine.

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