Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Free cake.

For the last couple of days, Seamus has been doing some extra shifts at one of the hotels that's closing down for winter. The main benefits of doing this was the free desserts he brought me. This cake is a mere FRACTION of all the cakes we now have in our flat. The cake is sitting on a box of chocolate brownies. An industrial-sized, catering box of chocolate brownies. We have a similar sized box of Nanimo bars (these would be lovely if they hadn't ruined them by putting coconut in them). Plus a huge apple pie (no custard so this is a bit weird). I've given some cakes to our neighbours and my workmates. We still have (approximately) a lifetime's supply of desserts here. Seamus is a little concerned he is giving himself diabetes with all the sugar. We never need to buy junk food again. This is this week's bonus.

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