Monday, 8 December 2008

A walk in the snow.

From top to bottom:
-Seamus on the bridge in the campground.
-The frozen creek and the lake.
-Me drinking wine on the walk. Note the brown bag. Note that I am only pretending to drink.
-Deer by the lake!
-Our place of work, the Kilmorey Lodge.
Today's our day off, and it was a beautiful day again. The chinooks are over, for a couple of days at least, and a foot of snow fell overnight. We walked all the way around town. Seamus wrote his name in the snow, and skidded around on the ice. I took photos. We found that the campground will be a perfect place for cross-country skiing, because there's so much open space with no roads, cars, water, nearby. Lots of little hills too. The hotel will have skis and snowshoes for rent soon, so we can actually ski on our days off, rather than just running around in the snow. It's still not that cold, or not as cold as Finland anyway - I think it was -7 today, and we have good winter clothes, so it's nice to be out. We went to the Kilmorey and bought a bottle of wine, so I think we'll relax and have a drink and watch a film tonight. The Kilmorey has a restaurant and bar, but also does off-sales and takeout food, so we can always get something to eat and drink. I think it's my turn to cook tonight so I'd best get started.
Happy birthday to my mum! And also to Jay-boy. Love you xxx

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