Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Where is Waterton?

Since nobody seems to know where Waterton is (it's not surprising, it's very small), here are some maps showing where it is on a map of Canada (very South-West of Alberta, right on the BC border, and also the US border), and a google map. Because I love google maps. Isn't it cool? It's not that green right now, in fact it's kind of barren while we're waiting for snow. Guidebooks describe Waterton as the "hidden gem of the rockies" and it's true because, as impressive as Banff was, it was very touristy, and definitely a party town. Waterton is definitely the kind of place you'd come to get away from all of that. There's nothing commercial here because...there's nothing here. I can see why it's such a summer place, but I imagine it's even nicer in winter when it's quieter. I can't wait until it snows. There's fairylights strung around the hotel I work in, it looks so cute. I love Waterton.

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for that!! Meike and we were wondering at the weekend where Waterton might be ;)Hehe, now we know. Just want you to know that I'm following your blog, even though I'm not leaving many comments. I love it! Your blog, the pics and your adventures :)

*hugs* Vanessa

p.s. I almost get as excited as you about when it is going to snow there ;) Let us know then and of course I'd like to see lots of beautiful snow pics... xxx