Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Our roadtrip adventure.

In case I didn't mention it before, Waterton is 40 minutes from the nearest shop. In the summer, we have shops and restaurants open in the town, but right now we don't have anything. Pincher Creek is a...not-very-exciting town, but it does have a Walmart. But it's not always that easy to get into town. There's a staff vehicle, but we can't drive it with UK licenses, so we have to wait for someone else to be driving in at a time when we're also free to get groceries. Yesterday we got a lift in with another guy, went to Walmart, spent a large amount on groceries (we spend more every time with we go shopping, food is disgustingly expensive round here) and headed back. Ten minutes in, our type burst. In the middle of nowhere. Andrew went round to the boot but couldn't find a spare, so we phoned the hotel, who sent the maintenance guy with a spare. Nearly an hour later, Seamus went round to the boot (to get me my cookies, I needed feeding)...and promptly found a spare. But no jack. Just as this happened, another guy from work drove past us on the way to Pincher Creek, gave us his jack and we changed the tyres (ok, I say "we", I was just sitting in the nice warm car, eating cookies whilst all this was going on). It was an old tyre though, so we drove veeeeerrry slowly home towards Waterton (passing the guy with the spare tyre on the way...). And this was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened yesterday.

On the subject of grocery shopping,'s so hard to find the food we want here. THERE IS NO GRAVY HERE. Or Marmite. Or frozen vegetarian food. But after three shops, we're at last eating a semi-varied diet. And one great thing about Canada is the Oreos. I like just regular Oreos but they have such a selection here! The last three boxes I bought are:
-Oreos with double cream
-White chocolate covered Oreos
-Mint-flavoured Oreos with fudge filling and dark chocolate coating

In conclusion, it is a very good thing that there's a (free) staff gym beneath our apartment.

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