Thursday, 20 November 2008

The animals of Waterton.

One thing I love about Waterton (and Canada in general actually) is the ANIMALS. In the first couple of weeks, we saw racoons, eagles and seals. Now in Waterton, we're surrounded by deer. They're on the grass when I walk to work, outside our bedroom window, in the creek. I love it! The other day, when we walked to Boundary Bay, we came across this one on the trail. He looked kind of upset by us.
The sheep are a new thing. I think they only come into the village in the winter. The other day, it was a cold day and we saw about twenty in the field by our house. Then we saw this one (in the top photo) by the waterfalls. He charged at us...but I think it was unintentional. I think we were just in his way.
There are also some cool birds, and if I knew about birds, I could tell you what they are. One has crazy hair. Also, ground squirrels, which are like regular squirrels but smaller. Plus we've seen a few eagles, and mountain goats. And I saw a cat once.
Today, it was -5 and icy when I walked home, and I remembered how much I like cold weather. I want snow.
P.S. You can click on photos to make them bigger by the way.


Melissa said...

Katy Katy katy! Didn't you run into bears yet? When my parents were in the waterton area they were always armed with bearspray and whistles :)
I'm glad you are doing so well there!
Lots of love from Belgium!
It's snowing here! Juuhuuu :)

Vanessa said...

Juhuuu!! We have snow too!! It was so cool today, riding in the snow :) I'm so excited!!!

And you're right Katy, the cold weather feels so good! I miss it a lot... xxx

Victoria said...

It may be old news, but yes you can click on the photos to make them slightly bigger.x x x

Katy said...

I know Vikki, that's why I said it!