Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The day we walked to the USA.

Because Waterton is right in the South of Alberta, we're really close to the US border. Actually, Waterton Lakes National Park is joined with Glacier National Park in Montana, the first International Peace Park in the world. So, yesterday we walked all the way to Boundary Bay, where the border is. It took four and a half hours, and it was another lovely day (this weather is so weird for this area of Canada, yesterday was sunny and 17 degrees). I was a bit scared of bears, since the night before I'd been talking to Claudia, my boss, about bears, and this hike is more remote than anywhere we've walked before. We met a deer on the trail, and a big-horned sheep charged at us when we got back to the village, but other than that, we only encountered squirrels. It was a cool day! In the picture of Seamus, notice he is wearing just a t-shirt. In the middle of November!

More photos here

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Vanessa said...

I like your jacket! ;)