Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bertha Lake.

Monday was Seamus' birthday. We had the day off, so walked to Bertha Lake. It was a windy but warm day, a result of another chinook, and there was lots of snow on the trails up on the mountains. The lake was partly frozen, weird since the temperature in the village has barely been below zero. Anyway, we took lots of pretty photos because the sun on the ice looked cool. We are taking so many photos. They probably all look the same. Sorry. Anyway, as always, all photos are here
So, I think Seamus had a good, if quiet, birthday. We got takeaway food from the restaurant, and had a bottle of wine, and he watched football and I read my book. Like most of our nights, really.


Catherine said...

Belated happy birthday to Seamus! Your photos are beautiful, it looks so pretty there. Presuming you will eventually get snow, I can't wait for snow photos! Or should that be snow-tos.. xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! It is just back to cold,wet and grey here. I have, however, done a bit of gardening with my funny hat on to keep the rain from spoiling my hairdo.But I will go and read now - or start a jigsaw puzzle to demonstrate how to really live!.x.