Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Waterton so far.

I'm writing from our apartment in Waterton Lakes National Park. We arrived here Friday, started work Saturday, and moved into our own house tonight. Before this, we were in a hotel room, which was posher than here, but had no kitchen and we couldn't unpack. At some point, someone else will move in here (we have two bedrooms) but for now, we have the whole place to ourselves. It's a nice apartment, overlooking the tennis courts, lake and mountains. And deer. There are deer EVERYWHERE. It's so cool, they're just walking around the streets. So, now we're unpacked (which is good after three weeks of living out of a backpack), we have a kitchen so we don't have to eat three staff meals a day, and Seamus is watching hockey and it's all good!

So, Waterton. Well, it's small. Its main season is summer, and a lot of the businesses are now shut for the season (general store, pizza house, museum, opera house (...cinema)), leaving open three hotels, a post office and...a jewellery shop. There are meant to be a hundred residents at this time of year (2,000 in summer). It's beautiful though,a really pretty little village right at the bottom on the rockies, with a huge lake, beaches, hiking/cross-country trails, tennis courts, campsites...it's so lovely. Lots of photos will follow. The nearest grocery store is a half hour drive (and we don't have a car). We've worked four shifts each so far. My job is "front desk" of a hotel, but that also involves serving in the gift shop, waitressing, food preparation and bartending. It's HARD. There's so much to learn, but it's fun, and everyone is really nice, and I get good tips. Seamus works in housekeeping, and seems to like it, and is really good at making beds now.

It started snowing today! It's still only about -2, so hopefully we'll get big snow soon, then we can ski and snowshoe all we like (if we ever get a day off). We've done some little hikes, but it gets dark early now. I can't wait for more snow! My hotel has a restaurant and bar, so we still have some entertainment, we have free use of a gym, pool tables. It's very cool here. I will post some photos soon. Right now, we're watching the elections. Go Barack!

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