Sunday, 9 November 2008

A day off.

After seven days straight, I had the weekend off work. Kind of pointless, really, since Seamus has worked both days. Today, I went down to the gym and it felt gooooood to exercise after so long doing nothing (apart from all the walking we've been doing). I think my calves are going to feel it tomorrow though. Then I went for a walk round the lake. The weather is freakishly warm for this time of year - about 13 degrees today, and blue skies. I took a lot of photos but flickr is broken and won't let me upload them. The weather's been really strange since we've been here. The first two days, we walked around in just jeans and t-shirts. Then on Wednesday, we hiked up to Bertha Falls, a waterfall on the mountain. The higher we climbed up the mountain, the more snow there was. At the top, it was like proper winter. Down here in the village, though, there's nothing and it's warm. The sheep are down in the village today though - we read they only come down from the mountains in the winter, so they obviously think it's time. So now we're surrounded by deer and sheep! I'll post some photos later, the view out of our apartment window is so cool.

In other news, Seamus accidentally erased everything from my ipod. I am now stranded in Canada with only his music....this could be a long winter.

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