Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Valentine's Day.

My Valentine's Day gift, not Seamus. My friend Annik gave it to me. Isn't it amazing? I couldn't wait for Seamus to bring the camera before I had to start eating it.

I think this year's Valentine's Day was the first one in my life that actually meant something. But it didn't mean love and romance and presents. It meant an incredibly busy weekend at work, 16-hour days, and everyone else getting to eat amazing food whilst I had to serve it to them. As we currently only have enough staff for winter, last weekend meant we were very understaffed. Both our hotels were fully booked (36 rooms total), and the dining room was booked solid between 5pm-10pm. I started my Front Desk shift at 7.45am on Saturday, finished at 4pm, went home until 4.45pm, then worked the rest of the night serving in the dining room. It was a HORRIBLE day. But not as horrible as Monday, which was a bank holiday (not for Valentine's, but for 'Family Day', a holiday that exists only in Alberta). I was meant to be working on Front Desk but in the end put the phone on voicemail, and resigned myself to serving in the dining room again. Seamus also worked two shifts on Saturday, and is now having a hard time catching up with all the housekeeping from the weekend.

We have a bottle of wine in the cupboard, plus some mulling spices, and we were going to have a Valentine's evening last Thursday but I couldn't drink because I was on antibiotics. Maybe tomorrow. This has seemed like the longest working week ever. I want to sleep for a week.

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