Saturday, 7 February 2009

A $670 roadtrip.

Tonight I am hoping and praying that my health insurance is going to spare me. I am so thankful for having got health insurance but I'm worried in case they try and catch me out and not let me claim. Because tonight, I paid $670 to be told I had an ear infection. Ok, they threw in some drugs for that price too. Not ENOUGH drugs, mind. I have to go to the pharmacy on Monday to get the rest of the course. I have antibiotics, painkillers and...sudafed (as it seems I have a sinus cold as well). $670!! In what world is that fair? Have I not had my share of health problems lately? Do I really need this too? I wouldn't mind quite so much if it was a FREE ear infection. But I don't want the expensive kind. That's not fair.

Rant over. Let me explain. I've had my hearing be a bit dodgy this week; constantly feeling like I have water in my ears. And last night I started feeling tired and hot and dizzy. Today I have no hearing in my left ear, and the pain's just got worse and worse all day. So my manager made me go to the hospital this evening (as it was now 5pm on a Saturday, and no doctors were open). So Darcy drove us to Cardston hospital where they looked in my ears for three minutes, syringed my ears (OH MY GOD, THE PAIN) then loaded me up with drugs. And a $670 bill (to their credit, they seemed kind of sorry for that).

Once they'd syringed my ears (and I'd taken my first antibiotics), it started feeling a little better, although I still can't hear. So because I was sad and hungry, Darcy drove us to Mings for Chinese, then took us on a tour. It's a beautiful night; full moons around here look amazing because of the snow on the mountains. It's barely even dark, but the white mountains are just illuminous. It's lovely. Darcy drove us to the Mormon temple (say what you like about the religion, but the temples are pretty cool-looking), and to his B&B, which was fantastic. If my family were coming to stay, I would so make them stay there, it was such a cool place. The Mountain View area (where Darcy lives) is flat, but with a great view towards the mountains and it's just so quiet and peaceful. I loved it.

(But honestly, mum, I am really ill, despite enjoying a late-night country tour).

So now we're back home and I am glum. But Seamus would like everyone to know that he's having the best day ever. I will give you three reasons for this:
1. Newcastle 3-2 West Bromwich Albion
2. Ireland 30-21 France
3. Vancouver 7-3 Chicago

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