Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Surreal times in Waterton.

So, after my ear infection financial drama of Saturday night, money worries haven't really stopped. I won't say much right now, but things are strange here, and pretty stressful, and we've made ourselves a backup plan. Healthwise, I am feeling better, but not great. I've sent off my insurance forms and evidence, but am resigning myself to the fact that they won't pay me back (that way, I can't get disappointed). A couple of hours before the hospital event, Seamus and I bought flights to the Yukon (when we thought we had plenty of money saved). Because of my hospital fees, combined with other potential money worries (sorry for vagueness), we're now a bit worried about our Yukon trip. We've gone from very sad and worried to angry and defiant in just 48 hours, though, and life's too short to get worked up about this. We CAN afford to go to the Yukon, and we have a good and exciting plan B if things don't work out here. I just went for a walk, and it's such a beautiful day, and I love Waterton so much. It'll be sad to leave but there's lots more of Canada to see yet.

I am SO EXCITED about going to the Yukon! Going to the North of Canada was always part of the dream (in a way that going to the North of England never was....haha, sorry). It was something both of us really wanted to do before we came out here. We're only going for a week (we think...) but I can't wait. There are so many things I want to do there! There are some hot springs, and this wildlide reserve, and an ice-trekking centre, and the Canada Games Centre, and maybe northern lights, and dog-sledding and snowmobiling and skiing! We can't afford most of that, but we'll see.

We were talking the other day that we'd be happy to live in Canada forever. I prefer it to the UK, and it'd get rid of the England/Ireland conflict that will probably plague our relationship. I read some Daily Mail story online the other day that made me NEVER want to come back to the UK (I can't find the link now but it was about those kids that have been adopted by two gay men). I would prefer to live in Finland than Canada (because they have a better mobile phone, I'm kidding) but Canada's good too.

But don't worry, Mum, we'll be home in August xxx

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Anonymous said...

But Katy, there is no England/Ireland conflict as I can get to both! Or is that the problem? I think I could even manage Finland! But Canada seems to suffer from manic depression - bi-polar might be more accurate....