Friday, 13 February 2009

A few photos.

Seamus, enjoying fajita Friday.
Chinook clouds over Vimy mountain.
A mountain squirrel! They're tiny and make a clicky noise when they're scared.
I love this photo of the lake frozen into waves.

Work is a bit calmer (although we're holding onto Plan B). We've just spent an hour working out an approximate plan for when we leave, including our NEW IDEA. We found this website that organises placements for travellers on farms. It's international (and I'm already planning to try and organise a Finnish exchange for next summer...), and we're planning to find one that'll take us for a couple of weeks in June/July. They give you free accommodation and meals in return for free labour. It's cool because neither of us have ever done that kind of work before, and the farms we're looking at staying in are generally organic/vegetarian/hippy-style places. We're really interested in learning some stuff about permaculture and self-sufficiency, and this could be a totally new adventure (I don't know why we didn't considered it sooner). We've emailed a couple of them to find out more. It'd probably be in Nova Scotia, which we want to visit, but don't know too much about, so we could have the benefit of having hosts to show us around. Obviously, the farms are in the middle of nowhere (much like Waterton) but it sounds like a lovely place to be for a couple of weeks in the summer.

So right now, our plan A is: Waterton > Banff > Jasper >Banff > Toronto > Chicago > Nova Scotia > Quebec City > Ottawa >Montreal > London. When we're in Toronto, we want to go on a tour to Algonquin Park for a few days, and we might try and get to Newfoundland (where people apparently speak with irish accents) from Nova Scotia. We'll see. It's good to have a plan.

Right now is our second day off, Seamus is playing playstation and I'm internetting. But we had a lovely and eventful day off yesterday, which I'll write about next time...

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