Friday, 27 March 2009

Throwing a tantrum on a snowboard.

On Saturday, we went snowboarding, another new experience for us as until now, we've just skied. Snowboarding looks easier than skiing (what with there being less equipment, plus both feet being attached to the one board) but it's so much harder. We took a lesson, than just practised all afternoon. I threw a tantrum because I kept having trouble standing up, plus it hurts more when you fall over (my bottom was bruised). Eventually, I got pretty good at it and started having fun (naturally, Seamus was a pro at it right from the start). The hill was filled with lots of tiny kids, skiing and boarding by themselves. I wish I was fearless like a child. There was this tiny girl of five, all by herself, who just kept riding the lift up (singing all the way), then skiing really fast to the bottom of the hill, for six hours straight. She was a star. At one point, she crashed into me (she seemed to have no steering/stopping ability) and fell underneath me. I was so apologetic and concerned but she just said "no problem!", hopped up, and started telling me about the time she went to the dinosoar park and saw dinosoar bones.

I wish I was a child :(

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