Thursday, 26 March 2009

A snowmobiling adventure.

On Friday, we went on a daytrip snowmobiling. At first I was really scared because on wikipedia it says snowmobiling can be really dangerous, especially for inexperienced people. But it was so much fun! We had a German guide, Thomas, and he was great. It was actually the one miserable day we had, weather-wise, so our photos aren't that special. But it was so cool. I felt like a pioneer. We rode our snowmobiles down the Yukon river, and across Lake Labarge, and stopped at lunchtime, made a campfire (whereby I ate SAUSAGES. I know, but travelling's about trying new things right? Plus, it was freezing cold and I was starving. I had a tummy upset the next day though) and drank tea. Snowmobiling is fun, but it's not as cool as dogsledding, which feels much more special. But we saw some lovely scenery, and I was so proud of us! We went over 40 miles in that day, and did you know snowmobiles have heated handles, so your hands stay warm? Isn't that so clever? Anyway, it was so cool travelling all that way on my own snow machine! I loved it!

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